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Landscape Lighting

VS Landscape Construction partners with residential and commercial clients to design and install sophisticated outdoor lighting systems.

Landscape lighting is a terrific way to highlight the natural beauty of your home and grounds.

The interactions and contrast between highlights and shadow provide interest and drama. Meanwhile, gathering spaces may warrant brighter, more concentrated light. As a side benefit, introducing light to dark areas helps make paths and stairs safer and improves security against intruders.

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Approaches To Outdoor Lighting

What features do you want to highlight? What kind of lighting gives the right effect? Here are just a few ways to create a mood.

Up Light

Up Light. A great way to accent architectural details. Can also be used to provide substantial light to entertaining places or to highlight decorative trees and hardscaping.


Silhouette. This effect works best when a light source is placed behind a plant or object with a dramatic shape.


Shadow. Unlike silhouette, your light source is placed in front of your plant or object, which projects a shadow onto a surface behind it.

Other Divisions

Irrigation is not all what we do. We offer a wide range of outdoor services.

Landscape Construction

Bringing your landscape designs to the real world.

Sprinkler Systems and Service

Installing new fully automated systems and maintaining existing irrigation systems.

Luxury Landscape Designs

Designs to fit your style and use. Let’s work together to create something beautiful. 

VS Tree Services

Premium tree assessments, removals and pruning.

VSF Wrap

Full and partial vehicle wraps for personal vehicles or fleet vehicles for commercial use and advertising.

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